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QUESTION:  "What does your church teach about Abortion?  Is it OK?  Or not?

          Thank you for that question.  This discussion is definitely all over our media and many people are weighing in on how they feel about abortion.  But the real matter is "What does God say about it?"

        There are two things I want to emphasize about this.  Please read both of them.   

        First of all, God tells us that He is the one who gives life, and that life starts at conception.  So, an unborn "fetus," (this is the terminology people use to justify abortion) is truly an unborn baby.  It is a living soul.  So, when abortion occurs, a living person is killed.  So, having an abortion is not just like having your appendix out, like young girls are told.  It's not a simple procedure where no one is going to get hurt.   At the end of an abortion, this living child will be dead.   

         But there's a second thought I want to share with you.  In our nation, abortion has been legal, and advertised as a solution for an unwanted pregnancy.   And many young women will have an abortion, thinking that will be the end of their problem.  But it's not the end of her problem.

        For the rest of her life, she will be plagued with the thought of what her child would have been like.  She will be filled with guilt, and sorrow!  She will hear those who are pro-life, talking about abortion as murder, and she will feel guilt.  She will try to hide it with anger and rage.  But in her heart she will feel guilty that she didn't let her child live.  She will live with that for the rest of her life.   [How many people who have had their appendix out, felt guilty ten years later about having it removed?]  

        But no one seems to care about those women.  Once they have had their abortion, the clinics are done with them, and have no contact with them at all.  They are left alone to deal with the guilt, and the tears, and the horror of what they have done.  Those women have also been victims of "abortion."  Oh, they weren't killed like their baby was!  But they are left damaged, and hurting, and burdened, and no one lifts a hand to help them.

         As disturbed as I am about abortion, I am equally disturbed that many of these women are walking around hurting, and spiritually isolated from God and from any comfort and peace.  That's why whenever I talk about abortion, I want any lady who has gone through one, to know that I am always ready and willing to listen, and to comfort, and to share with you, the gospel of Jesus.   He died for every person!  He died for every sin!  He offers forgiveness, and peace to any sinner.   

          If you are suffering from having had an abortion, please contact me, and let's talk.  You can contact me at my email address: and we can set up a time to sit down and talk.

         Thank you for the question!  Thank you for also listening to the end.