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QUESTION:   I want to be a Christian witness to my friends, but they won’t listen to anything that sounds, “Churchy.”   So, what should I do?

            Thank you for your desire to be a witness to the world like Jesus asks us.  And thank you for your spiritual love and concern for your friends, that you would want them to have the same faith, and the same hope for eternal life, that you do.  

            But that isn’t always easy, is it?  Your own personal life demonstrates that.  How you get stopped in your attempts to share Jesus with your friends, every time you turn the conversation around the anything spiritual.  The book of Acts is filled with all sorts of examples from the time of the Apostles of the same problem.  And yet, you realize that it was the Lord who sent the apostles out to be witnesses for Him.  And it would be the Lord who would decide when and where that happened.  And it was the Lord who always opened the door for the disciples to share the gospel.

            Remember when Paul was in Philippi.  He was preaching the gospel very successfully, when suddenly he is unjustly accused of a crime, whipped and beaten in the public square and thrown into the inner most part of the jail, with his legs and hands bound in chains.  At midnight he was singing hymns of praise to God, which was his normal routine, and suddenly the jail doors were flung wide open and every prisoner’s chains fell off them.  When the jailer saw this he was ready to kill himself, but Paul told him “do not harm yourself!  We are all here.”  The prisoners didn’t head for the hills when their prison doors were opened.  They headed into the dark recesses of the jail to hear more about the savior Jesus, Paul had been singing out. 

            Do you realize that if Paul had thought about starting a prison ministry in Philippi, and had gone down to the jail to talk to the prisoners that day, they would have probably turned him off.  They didn’t want any “churchy” stuff thrown at them.  They weren’t ready to listen to the gospel.  But when Paul was in jail, and instead of cursing the establishment and the jailers, he was rejoicing and singing hymns of praise, God used that as an opportunity to touch the hearts of these prisoners and bring them to faith.  And one day, we will see these jailbirds from Philippi in Heaven, not because Paul thought about starting a Prison Ministry.  But because God put Paul in their midst at the right time to bring them to believe.

            Jesus had made you a witness for Him.  And you do that wherever you go.  If your friends will not give you an opportunity to speak your faith with your words, then you can share your faith with your words and actions.  You can be the Christian friend they need, whether or not they ever let you tell them about Christ.  And in every situation in your life, good or bad, you can show them your faith in Jesus. 

            Our job is to be a witness, wherever we go!  We are to be a light that shines in the darkness in any situation we find ourselves.   We leave it up to God, what results will come.  If we cann’t share, then we show.  And it just may be that we will never be able to bring our friends to believe in Jesus, despite our best efforts.  But we constantly keep them in our prayers.  Because the Lord may already have in mind another of his witnesses down the road, who will do the same things you do, and say the same things you do, and it will at just the right time to bring your friends into Jesus’ kingdom.

            The answer to your question is simply this.  Continue to be you!  Continue to be a witness for Jesus.  And the Lord will take care of the rest.




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