Posted on: Mon, 03/26/2018 - 22:11 By: Pastor

                                                           WELCOME TO THE END TIMES

          Although every Christian believes we are living in "the last times," and even though Christians need to always be ready for the Lord to come back, my title above was talking about a season of the church year that we follow, the season called, "End Times."

          This season starts with the Festival of Reformation which we celebrated last Sunday, and continues for three more weeks until the Season of Advent starts.   It's not too difficult to figure out what the main theme of this season is.   As the church year comes to an end, we also begin to think about our world coming to an end, and we are reminded of what our Lord tells us about the end times.

          The apostles believed they were living in the last time.  Obviously some 2,000 years later, we Christians also believe we are living in the last times.  The reason for this belief?   All the "signs of the times," Jesus spoke about that will usher in His second coming, have already been fulfilled.  Wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes!   False prophets, false Christs, persecution of Christians, people falling away from the faith!   They have been happening since Jesus first talked to His disciples about the end times.  So, the warning was given to His apostles, "Get ready for the end of the world, and keep prepared because the end can happen at any time."   

          That advice is given to us, disciples of Christ today.  "Get ready for the end of the world."  And how do we do that?   Not by looking up in the sky, looking for signs, and evidence that the end is near!  But simply spending time in God's Word, keeping our faith strong, and filling ourselves with the power of the Word.   Preparing for the end of the world means feeding our souls with God's Word and Sacraments, to keep ourselves always ready, but also using everything we have to reach out to others to tell them about Jesus, so they too can believe and be ready for the end to come.

          I can tell you, the End of the World will take you by surprise.  But hopefully not unprepared.   But then the end of your world, may also take you by surprise, as the Lord comes to call you home to Heaven.  By surprise, but hopefully not unprepared.

           So, what can we do to prepare ourselves for the end of the world.  Search the Scriptures.  Worship regularly.  Feed your soul!  Keep your faith strong, and let it shine!  Be ready to go down whatever path God chooses for you, in order to do some fantastic good works for your God.   

          We invite you to join us in worship every Sunday morning, to help us all, get ready for when the Lord comes back to end our world.   So, WELCOME TO THE END TIMES!        



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