Title Theme Sermon Date Verses
Pentecost The Holy Spirit Came To "Bug" The World John 16, 5-11
Ascension Day Welcome To The New Testament! Luke 24, 44-53
Fifth Sunday After Easter "I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU AS ORPHANS!" John 14, 15-21
Fourth Sunday after Easter "DO NOT LET YOUR HEARTS BE TROUBLED!" John 14, 1-12
Third Sunday After Easter "I AM THE GATE FOR THE SHEEP!" John 10, 1-10
Second Sunday After Easter JESUS CURES HIS DISCIPLES' DEPRESSION! Luke 24, 13-35
First Sunday after Easter WHICH CAME FIRST? SEEING? OR BELIEVING? John 20, 19-31
Easter Sunday The Lord's Prayer: "For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever." Matthew 6,13
Fifth Sunday in Lent YOU CAN CALL ME "DAD!" Romans 8, 11-19
Fourth Sunday in Lent "THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION!" Romans 8, 1-10
Third Sunday in Lent "LIVE LIKE A CHILID OF THE LIGHT!" Ephesians 5, 8-12
Second Sunday in Lent "OH, FOR A FAITH THAT WILL NOT SHRINK!" Romans 4, 1-5
First Sunday in Lent / Ash Wednesday "OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN!" Matthew 6,9
Transfiguration Sunday How Do You Survive A Raging Inferno? Exodus 24, 12. 15-18
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany Thank God For G.P.S! Deuteronomy 30, 15-20
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany How Do You "Fast" Properly? Isaiah 58, 5-9