Title Theme Sermon Date Verses
Pentecost "CAN THESE BONES LIVE?" Ezekiel 37, 1-14
Sixth Sunday after Easter "WITH THE LORD BEGIN YOUR TASK!" Acts 1, 15-26
Fifth Sunday After Easter At Antioch They Were First Called Christians Acts 11, 19-26
Fourth Sunday after Easter HOW MUCH IS ONE SOUL WORTH? Acts 8, 26-40
Third Sunday After Easter "GIVE ME BOLDNESS TO SPEAK" Acts 4, 23-33
Second Sunday After Easter "By What Name Have You Done This? Acts 4, 8-12
First Sunday after Easter "They Didn't Know What They Were Doing!" Acts 3. 12-20
Easter Sunday "COME AND SEE!" And then "GO AND TELL!" Matthew 28, 5-7
Palm Sunday Today, Jesus Will Be Honored By All! Mark 11, 1-10
Fifth Sunday in Lent It's Time For Jesus To Be "Glorified!" John 12, 20-33
Fourth Sunday in Lent God's Cure For Snakebite! John 2, 14-21
Third Sunday in Lent Leave the Sounds of the Marketplace Outside! John 2, 13-22
Second Sunday in Lent The Things of Man? Or The Things of God? Mark 8, 31-38
First Sunday in Lent What Can We Learn From Jesus' Temptations? Mark 1, 12-13