Title Theme Sermon Date Verses
Third Sunday after Pentecost How Much Did You Owe To God? Luke 7, 36-50
Second Sunday after Pentecost "JESUS WAS AMAZED AT HIS FAITH!" Luke 7, 1-10
Holy Trinity Sunday HELP ME MAKE SENSE OF ALL THIS! John 16, 12-15
Sunday After Ascension "He'll Be Here Soon!" Revelation 22, 12-17. 20
Fifth Sunday After Easter Welcome To The "New Jerusalem" Revelation 21, 10-14. 22-23
Fourth Sunday after Easter A TASTE OF HEAVEN! Revelation 21, 1-6
Third Sunday After Easter "HE WILL SPREAD HIS TENT OVER US!" Revelation 7, 9-17
Second Sunday After Easter IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? Revelation 5, 11-14
First Sunday after Easter "HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS!" Revelation 1, 4-18
Easter Sunday "MAKE THE TOMB AS SECURE AS YOU CAN!" "CAN I QUOTE YOU ON THAT?" Matthew 27, 62-66
Palm Sunday BEHOLD! YOUR KING! Zechariah 9, 9-10
Fifth Sunday in Lent "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!" Isaiah 43, 16-21
Fourth Sunday in Lent IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE SINGING Isaiah 12, 1-6
Third Sunday in Lent "Where is God when I'm hurting?" Exodus 3, 1-8. 10-15
Second Sunday in Lent Even If 50 Million People Believe A Lie; It Is Still A Lie! Jeremiah 26, 8-15
Transfiguration Sunday A Brief Glimpse Of God's Glory Luke 9, 28-36
Seventh Sunday after Epiphany "Do To Others As You Would Have Them Do To You!" Luke 6, 27-38
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany Blessed Are You! Luke 6, 17-26
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany "But, Because You Say So!" Matthew 5, 1-11